Throughout church history there has been a chasm of misunderstanding between the Church and the Jewish People.  Both Christians and Jews have falsely concluded that there is little real or practical connection between Christianity and Jewish life.  However, these views are based upon ignorance or false presuppositions.

It is tragic that the Christian community has not understood, for the most part, the rich heritage on which its faith is built.  Many believers, however, are rediscovering these connections wondering just how they can understand the Jewishness of their faith in a practical way.

As one objectively studies the New Testament, one finds there is no escaping the inherent Jewishness of faith in Jesus, the Messiah and Jesus himself as a traditional, scripture observant Jew living in the Land of Israel.  He called other Jews to follow Him as Messiah, the anointed one from God.  His early followers considered themselves to be Jews who had found the promised Messiah.  Hence, they naturally continued the Jewish expression of their faith.